The weekly beasties project: Depth-of-field | Calgary dog photography projects

Welcome to this week’s edition of the beasties project. This week’s theme was depth-of field (side note: I’ve noticed ‘field’ is a word that is impossible for me to spell correctly the first time, I spell ‘filed’ instead. every. single. time. Damn you, incompetent  fingers! I shall use the acronym DOF instead). DOF is the basically the range between the nearest and farthest object that appears sharp in an image. A shallow DOF means that a smaller range is sharp, while a wide DOF has much greater range of sharpness. My style of shooting is primarily low DOF, I love honing in on my subject and leaving the rest softer and less distracting. The only time I strive for a wider DOF is if the overall landscape is important to the photograph.

One of the suggested challenges for the theme was to compare the same image –  one using a shallow DOF and another with a wide DOF to compare the different looks. I thought I’d do a fun twist on that by combining both wide and shallow in one using the magic of cellphone cameras which are notorious for having a wide DOF.

By focusing in on the cellphone, but using a low aperture to transform the rest of the photo into blurriness, I force the viewer to pay attention to my main subject – the image on the phone. But the blurry version of Oliver is still recognizable enough to be part of the photo’s story. You can clearly see the difference between wide and shallow DOF – the phone image is sharp front to back resulting in less emphasis on my model. The full image is only sharp on my main subject. If it was just a picture of Oliver in place of the cellphone, he’d be sharp and the rest of the photo would be that creamy blurry goodness – bringing all the viewer’s attention on him…just the way he likes it!Chow chow dog photo | Calgary dog photographer

He’s really becoming quite a Diva these days. One of his many nicknames is Olliewood!

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