The weekly beasties project: Word | Creative dog portraits in Calgary

Hello! This week’s beautiful beastie project was a little different, as it involved adding words to your image, so for example taking a quote and creating an image that compliments it, and then adding that text to the image.

At first I was looking for dog quotes; there are so many great ones to choose from. But then I thought to myself, who is the wisest sage in all of history, the one who has been quoted throughout the years. Yes, you know who I mean: Yoda, the great Jedi master! Giddy with excitement, or perhaps giddy with wine, I’m not sure, I grabbed my Yoda figurine (yes, I have a Yoda figurine…if you’ve read my very first blog post, you’d already know I’m a nerd and this would not surprise you…in fact I have two Yoda figurines) and had fun working with Oliver on his Jedi powers under Yoda’s watchful eye. As you can see, Oliver is getting quite good at wielding the Force, we’re going to have to lock the cookie box away. Yoda was somewhat impressed, although you know that little green guy, he’s always worried about everyone going over to the dark side. Lighten up Yoda – have some wine!

Oliver the chow photograph with Yoda the Jedi master

Be sure to see how the rest of the pet photographers in the group interpreted this theme. Next in the ring is Franklin Dog Photography by Sweet Silver Photography.

Until next time, may the force be with you!


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