Nice to meet you

Meet Calgary Dog Photographer, Iska from Dogfish Pet Photography

Hello, I’m Iska a pet photographer located in Calgary, AB. Thanks for stopping by to see if I’m the right pet photographer for you and your cherished animals. I could tell you I have a love for animals and a passion for photography, but you probably already assumed and expected that. What might be more important for you to know is that I’ve studied photography for a number of years and continue to educate myself as technology changes; there is always something new to learn. Most recently, I completed a certificate in Visual Design Specializing in Photography through the University of Calgary. I’ve developed my style to create customized artwork to celebrate and commemorate your furry family members. I know first-hand how entrenched our pets become in our lives – from those crazy, exuberant greetings whenever we get home, to snuggling next to us, snoozing peacefully while we’re enjoying some down time. Whatever they may be, our pets weave themselves into our lives, providing us with memories running the gamut from sweet to frustrating to zany! And I want to capture some small part of that for you.

So why specifically commission a pet photographer? Well, as you may have already experienced, most pets don’t follow posing requests very well; they tend to zip around, avidly exploring their environment and don’t give a rat’s patootie that you’re trying to capture them for time immemorial. We pet photographers tend to have a lot of patience (and by a lot, I mean a LOT), know a bit about animal behaviour, and have little tricks up our sleeves to help get that adorable image. And while all professional photographers will have pro-gear and know how to use it, there are special skills (and perhaps some extra “gear”) involved in capturing a moving furry target with a short attention span. Pet photographers are also used to getting down and getting dirty while trying to get that perfect composition (which is why you won’t see me wearing my Sunday best when we meet for a session!). We also enjoy getting slobbery kisses…well, from your pets, I mean.

I would love to meet you and your pet (or pets) and have the opportunity to record some part of their personality that you hold dear – quirky or stoic, mischievous or sweet – and create lasting artwork to honour the place they hold in your heart. Our time with our pets is much too short. Before we know it, that scrambling little puppy or kitten is a wisened old-timer; capture their moments while you can.

If you haven’t already, please have a look through my portfolio and if you like my work, or have any questions, contact me at to set up a consultation for your session.