More dogs searching for their forever home | Volunteer dog photographer in Calgary

Here are a few more of the delightful dogs I photographed last week for Pawsitive Match. Let’s hope they find their forever families very soon! If you are interested in any of them, just click on their Petfinder link for more info.

This is Bella, an inquisitive little terrier that’s about 13 pounds. Isn’t she adorable with her scruffy black coat? If she was a boy, I feel she could have played the role of Tramp.

Click here for her link.

Photograph of Bella the Terrier an adoptable dog in Calgary

The next sweetheart that I can’t believe anyone gave up in the first place is Denzel: a Pomeranian that’s just as handsome as his possible namesake: Mr. Washington. Photographing Denzel proved that he is an affectionate boy and loves to give kisses! He’s certainly no wallflower.

Click here for Denzel’s link.

Photo of Denzel the adoptable Pomeranian in Calgary

Now this adorable and tiny little guy is Burt. He is a super cute little chihuahua who is a bit timid, but curious. He is classified as a senior (approx. 8 years old), but we know these little guys like to stay spry till at least their mid-teens! Looks at those ears – isn’t he a doll?

If you have a place in your heart for him, click here for his link.

Photograph of a adorable adoptable chihuahua

Thanks for looking and reading! Please share if you know of anyone who needs a new furry friend. Cheers!