Dogs searching for their forever home | Adoptable dog photography in Calgary

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to photograph a number of dogs that are available for adoption through Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation. Pawsitive Match rescues dogs from places like Mexico and the NWT or from high-kill shelters in other cities. If you’re looking for your 4-legged next heart-melter go check their listings on Petfinder.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the dogs I had the joy of meeting. I will post the rest over the next couple days.

This is Cori. She is an American Staffy who has been looking for a home for a long time. She is a sweet girl who loves people. I know first hand that she loves to drown you in kisses!

Adoptable pet photograph by Calgary dog photographer

Click here for Cori’s petfinder link.

Here is another sweet girl – Shyla, a little Chihuahua mix. Like her name, she is quite shy and fearful as she’s had a tough life, but I think with the right home she will get past this. My favorite moment? When she cautiously approached me towards the end of our session as I was sitting on the ground, tucked her little head under my chin and let me gently pet her. Clearly, this is a dog that just wants to feel loved and secure. And check out that awesome scraggly beard!

Cute little chihuahua in Calgary

Click here for Shyla’s Petfinder link.

Now here is a dog that made me giggle a little. This is Chip. In his profile, he is listed as  Japanese Chin/Spaniel cross, but I prefer to imagine he is the product of a Shitzu and a Newfoundlander. He’s the got the coloring and short legs of a Shitzu, but then a big noggin that reminds me of a Newfoundlander. He is definitely short and stout. He’s also a very happy-go-lucky boy!

Japanese chin/spaniel mix

Click here for Chip’s profile.

Check back here over the next couple days for some more doses of cuteness! Cheers.