Frequently asked questions

Dogfish Pet Photography FAQs

Booking questions

How do I reserve a session date with you?

First we’d set up a consultation, and if you decide to book, the session fee would be due at that time and holds your date for you.

How far in advance should I book?

I typically suggest about two to three weeks – particularly in the summer/fall seasons. If you can only book on a weekend, I’d recommend four to five weeks. Feel free to book up to six months in advance; this will give you the added benefit of extra time to save and budget for your session experience.

What time of day do you hold your sessions?

I like to shoot about an hour or two before sunset to capture the beautiful warm light we get towards the end of the day. As a result, session times change depending on the season.

What if the weather is bad on our session day?

If the weather is bad, we will reschedule. As the weather in Calgary can change quickly, I’ll usually wait till about two hours before the session before making the call, unless it’s obvious from the get-go that mother nature is working against us. Reasons to reschedule include heavy snow or rain, cold winter temperature (any lower than -10 C, as warm gloves and cameras do not work well together!), very dark, gloomy skies or crazy wind. Also, depending on how well your pet tolerates heat, we may wish to consider rescheduling if it’s a particularly hot day – although this is less common in Calgary!


Photo session questions

My dog is crazy! Is there hope for any good images?

Yes, don’t despair! Many of my clients have pets that aren’t well trained. It might take lots of patience, but I’ll work with your pet’s personality to capture that craziness. As long as you retain your sense of humour and don’t stress too much that your dog doesn’t seem to be cooperating, we’ll get something you love.

When is the best age to photograph my dog?

Each period of a dogs life is special and can render beautiful imagery: the goofiness of puppyhood, the distinct characters they develop as they mature into adults, the bittersweet slowing down of old age. The one thing I highly recommend, is if you know you want to get professional images (whether by me or someone else) created of your pet, then don’t put it off – capture them at their prime, things can change in an instant; there is nothing as heart-breaking as an unexpected illness and clients scrambling to get in a session while they still can.

I don’t feel comfortable having my dog off-leash, can you still do a session?

I’ll let you in on a secret; the majority of my sessions are conducted on-leash. And in fact is often preferable for dogs that are prone to distraction. Part of my editing service includes getting rid of those pesky leashes, so your final images make your dog look like a zen master of the sit/stay!

Am I allowed to be in any of the images?

Of course! Although your pet will be the star of the show, you are welcome to join in on the fun. I may do a combination of traditional posed images as well as more candid ones with you interacting with your pet, showcasing your special bond. However, if you are looking for more of a people-session but including your dog, I recommend seeking the services of a photographer that specializes in couples/families who also allows pets to be included.


Image reveal and ordering questions

When do I get to see my images?

Approximately two weeks after our session, we will have a reveal and ordering appointment.  This session is when you view and select your images. You will find this to be the easiest, most convenient way to purchase artwork from your session and I will be there to guide you through the process. Clients tend enjoy the ordering sessions – they are very non-intimidating and without cheesy sales gimmicks.  You are guided through some options and you get to decide what works best for you and your family. There is no minimum purchase amount; only buy the images you love in the art format that works best for you.

What do most people purchase?

It varies, but the keepsake boxes are quite popular as they offer the greatest flexibility for showing off many of your images.

Do I get a USB  of images with the session?

It’s a digital world, and we love to share images with family and friends, so with each image you purchase, you will receive the corresponding web-sized file to share online to your heart’s content.  If you prefer to make smaller prints yourself, higher resolution images are also available to purchase. Pricing is based on a sliding scale.

Do you offer payment plans?

I understand people usually have budgets they need to adhere to, so if there are too many images or art products that you can’t bear to part with, we can discuss splitting your total over three or four interest-free payments.

Still have questions? Send me a note!  I look forward to hearing from you.