Giving back

As you might guess, I dearly love creatures of all kinds (well, except maybe for wasps when they are buzzing around my head…they are a little less loved) and I greatly appreciate that there are some amazing organizations out there devoted to animal welfare and rescue. As such, it has always been important to me to help support these animal organizations in some small way.

One of the ways I try to support animal rescue with my work is as a volunteer photographer. I am a member of HeARTsSpeak, a non-profit organization that unites artists from around the world who are dedicated to using their art-form to help bring visibility to shelter animals. I enjoy partnering up with local rescue organizations by photographing their animals in hopes of getting them noticed. Sometimes these animals are withdrawn or scared because of what they have been through, but by carefully working with them in a natural environment, I try to create a special image that captures some small part of their unique personality. It is always my hope that these images will reach across a computer and speak to someone’s heart and perhaps find a wonderful home for a deserving animal. Nothing warms my soul more than hearing that an image I created helped someone find their new best friend.

In addition to volunteering my photography services, I like to help financially, so part of my business model includes donating 5% of each year’s session fees to various animal rescue organizations. So, by booking Dogfish Pet Photography, you are helping me help them, and for that I thank you.

If you are a rescue organization interested in having me photograph your animals, or if there is some other way I might be able to help, please feel free to contact me.


Calgary dog photographer supporting local rescue organizations

“Saving just one dog won’t save the world, but surely it will change the world for that one dog.” author unknown