The adoptable Miroslava | A pet photography session in Carburn Park, Calgary

Last weekend I met with a few fosters who volunteer with Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation to photograph their dogs. This is Miroslava, a young terrier mix who sort of looks like a collie but with adorably short legs. As you can see, she is really quite beautiful!

For this session, we met at Carburn Park – it’s a lovely park in Calgary with many lovely areas for a photography session. We finally got to enjoy a beautiful day, so all the snow has slowly been melting. This made for a somewhat muddy session, but I don’t think Miroslava minded! She was very well behaved and would patiently wait for me get in place in order to achieve just the right angle to showcase her beauty. She did seem puzzled with all the time I spent lying on the ground,  shuffling back and forth, but was still happy to take treats while she waited for me to finish with my bizarre human tricks! Good luck Miroslava, I hope you find your forever family soon!