The weekly beasties project: Bubbles | Fun pet photography by Calgary dog photographer

Having missed the last couple weeks of the beastie blog ring, I knew I had to join back in this week when I saw the theme was bubbles! I have been wanting to do a styled shot with bubbles for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to get around to it.

My first challenge was finding a proper bubble machine as I knew I’d never get enough for the look I wanted with just a wand and bubble soap. I’d probably pass out  from blowing bubbles long before I’d have enough in the air to take the shot… plus the timing of it all would have been tricky. Thank goodness for music shops; who knew that a store dedicated to rocker equipment would have something as festive as a bubble machine.

The next challenge was location as I had in my mind to do a vintage type shot and wanted the scene to match. Fortunately (at least for this particular circumstance), I live in a bungalow that was built in the 50s, when color combos like pink/yellow/green were popular (ok, well maybe that color combo was just popular on my block). While we’ve repainted most of the house, the laundry room in the basement is still pretty retro, so I figured it could work. Never thought I’d be happy my laundry room was the hideous green color it is.

The third, and least difficult challenge was convincing Oliver to hang out in the laundry room and pose in his bathtub. Ahhh, the magic of treats. Although the magic started wearing off once the bubbles came in full force! Fortunately I did get one or two while he was still smiling.

Finally, for my Canadian friends (or anyone who is a fan of Trailer Park Boys), I couldn’t possibly let a bubble theme pass without a small homage to one of my favorite Canadian TV characters – can you spot the Bubble that is unlike the others?

Vintage-style photograph of a chow chow and bubbles

Now, before you run off, please visit Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos to see Deanna’s version of the bubble theme. Cheers!