The weekly beasties project: The Kitchen | Fun pet photography in Bragg Creek

This week’s beastie theme is all about the kitchen. This is definitely one of Oliver’s most favorite places, even if I’m not in it preparing him his dinner, as evidenced by the open cupboards and scattered tupperware I come home to on occasion. At one point, when I used to keep his food on top of the fridge, he figured out that if he jumped up on the table that was next to the fridge, he could then stand up and reach the food. Tricky little devil.

He was also infatuated with the microwave for a couple weeks. The microwave lives on the same table that is next to the fridge, and one day and for a number of days after, he’d somehow get the microwave door open while I was away. I mean, at least if he could’ve popped in a frozen dinner in there or popcorn or something so I’d have a snack ready when I got home… sheesh.

(Oh, and despite his stellar future in cupboard, microwave and drawer opening careers, he is my one dog that can’t figure out how to get back inside the house if the door is left ajar; he stands on the wrong side of the opening. It’s like he’s an idiot savant.)

Anyway, for this week I decided to let him check out the one kitchen element he hasn’t conquered…inside the glorious fridge!

Calgary chow chow inspects a fridge

Although, to be honest, a couple days after doing this shot, we came home  to the great mystery of the chipotle sauce bottle lying stranded on the floor next to the fridge, when normally it should be residing inside the fridge. Things that make you go hmmmm…

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