The weekly beasties: The 7 deadly sins | Fun dog photography in Bragg Creek

This week it was my turn to pick the weekly theme, so I went with something a little wacky and picked “the 7 deadly sins.” I thought it could be fun for our photography group to pick one or more of our favorite sins and photograph our pets “committing” them. The sins are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

As you know, if you’ve been following my blog at all, Oliver is my model of choice for most of these weekly themed images. At first I was going to feature him with ‘gluttony’ because I’ve never known a dog more obsessed with where and when his next meal is coming from, but ultimately I decided to choose the sin ‘pride’ because as a result of all this recent attention to him, Oliver has developed a most remarkable ego and thinks quite highly of himself. He’s convinced that Hollywood will be in touch any day now to offer him starring parts in movies that will rival any of Benji’s previous roles. He wants to change his name to Olliewood and has insisted I order 8×10 glossies of him portraying his best “blue steel” so he that he’s ready for his adoring fans. It seems that nowadays you can usually find him residing on the chaise lounge, admiring his own portrait.  At least he doesn’t drink martinis. I sure hope Scorsese calls soon!

Although I would have liked to take a crack at all of sins, I’ll have to add the remaining six to to my seemingly never ending ” project bucket list.” I’ll be sure to post the series here. Meanwhile, please visit the next photographer in this blog ring: Raleigh dog photographer, Tara Lynn.

Have a nice weekend everyone – and a happy Thanksgiving weekend to my U.S. friends and visitors.

Image of Calgary dog Oliver the chow chow | lifestyle pet photography