A winter wonderland dog photography session in Calgary

I will be the first to admit, winter is not my favorite of the seasons in Calgary. We all know it can get bitterly cold, darkness comes early, there’s snow, slush, traffic jams, the trees are bare and the colours outside are just kinda blah. Not the best setting for an amazing photography experience. However, once in a glorious while we get one of those amazing snowfalls…you the kind, there is no wind, the snowflakes are large and fluffy, slowly cascading down in silence, covering the barren tree branches and temporarily adorning them with a beautiful thick, white coat. I especially love when this kind of snow happens overnight and you wake to a sunny morning with the landscape covered over with a glittering blanket of snow. The trees are majestic; everything looks magical! It’s a perfect scene for photographing those dogs who worship the snow.

I was lucky to have one of these snowfalls just in time for Kaito’s session. This was especially fortunate, because Kaito’s mom mentioned he loved playing in the snow, which is why she was specifically hoping to book a winter session. Scheduling a winter photography session can sometimes get tricky if it’s too cold, but this time everything lined up to be one of those perfect winter days: it was not only beautiful, but had the bonus of not being too cold for my camera or fingers to function, so we were able to proceed with Kaito’s snow-filled session.

True to his mom’s words, Kaito was a dog who embraced winter! He had a great time frolicking in the snow: he got to run around and show off his joy with happy dances, jump for treats, and play with sticks (another of his favorite activities). He was even kind enough to stop once in a while to handsomely pose for the camera! Thanks, Kaito! A pretty fine day for a dog, indeed.